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Statement of Purpose

I’m running for the 54th District State Senate seat currently held by Senator Kyle McCarter. Our region of the state has been blessed for many years with two strong leaders – Senators McCarter and Watson – who ensured we were well-represented in Springfield. I want to build upon that legacy of leadership.

I will work to create an opportunity-filled and prosperous economy, restore the promise of a brighter future for everyone and, in the process, rekindle optimism and opportunity in our state.

You deserve a state government that prioritizes resources for its most vulnerable citizens and a quality education for all, spends our hard-earned tax dollars wisely, and produces results.

My commitment to you is personal. The Oath of Office means nothing if an elected official fails to abide by his promise to uphold the Illinois and U.S. Constitutions and to faithfully discharge the duties of the office of State Senator, “to the best of my ability.”

Voters have a clear choice between Republican candidates in the March 20 primary. As a lifelong Republican with conservative principles, I make the following commitments to my 54th District:

  • I will call for a DEBT AFFORDABILITY STUDY, crucial data required to better understand and manage our state debt, identify waste, make adjustments and start to heal. This is the centerpiece of my fiscal reform plan.

  • I will fight for a BALANCED BUDGET, so we don’t spend money we don’t have.

  • I will demand an ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT. I will never vote to raise your taxes for a government proven irresponsible with your tax dollars.

  • I will insist on PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY, PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT and “rule of law” principles. I will work to repeal laws like HB40, which mandates taxpayer-funded abortions.

I invite you to visit my website:, for a complete summary of my positions.

These are critical days for our state. Great challenges lay ahead, but we must act … for our families, for our communities, and for “our Illinois.” I’m asking for your vote at the primary on March 20.

Let’s seek a bright future together!